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About us

Digital Seafood Trade Sow is today the first and unique trade event for seafood industry entirely digital. Is a project of Assoittica Research and Development Srl, a 100% investee company of Assoittica Italia, National Association of Seafood Farms, with more than 110 member farms in Italy and a turnover around 7 billion of euro.

Why attend?

Digital Seafood Trade Show is a worldwide trade event for seafood industry entirely online. The idea is to move all on an internet platform by using sophisticated but easy to use technology, this way we managed to host a digital trade show that will have nothing to envy to a in person events.

With the participation of 49 countries the exhibition will provides a major opportunity for seafood companies to reach new markets.

Assoittica Italia aimed to offer a tool for companies to improve visibility, increase level of commercial trades and expanding the sector through new frontiers

Who should attend?

Digital Seafood Trade Show is open to all companies of the seafood industry, from fresh to frozen, from processed to canned products, interested to show their business off to the rest of the world. The trade show allowed Public administrations, Research Institute and Association to exchange information and analyse different topics.


10:00 AM

Opening Ceremony

The new frontiers of the fish supply chain for sustainable trade and conscious consumption

10:00 AM

Chair: Maria Luisa Cortesi - President of Assoittica Italia.

10:10 AM

Vera Agostini - Deputy Director, Fisheries Division, FAO.

10:20 AM

Francesco Battistoni - Undersecretary of State - Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry

10:30 AM

Ministry of Health

10:40 AM

Drishtysingh Ramdenee - Director for Emerging and Services Sectors - Representing Chair of IORA Working Group on Trade and Investment (WGTI)

11:00 AM

Closing remarks:

Maria Luisa Cortesi - President of Assoittica Italy.

Conference live streaming on "Pesce in rete" portal

 12:00 PM

Contratti di filiera e nuovi strumenti di commercializzazione alla luce della nuova programmazione

 12:00 PM

Saluti Nicola Caputo- Assessore all’Agricoltura Regione Campania

 12:10 PM

Introduzione Alberico Simioli - Esperto Gruppo di Assistenza Tecnica FEAMP Regione Campania

 12:20 PM

Giuseppe Prioli - Presidente Associazione Mediterranea Acquacoltori

 12:30 PM

Linda Toderico - Funzionario UOD Pesca e Acquacoltura Regione Campania

 12:40 PM

Giovanni Libralato - Professore di igiene generale e applicata UNINA Federico II

 12:50 PM


Maria Passari - Direttore Generale Politiche Agricole, Alimentari e Forestali Regione Campania

 13:00 PM

Tavola rotonda con le aziende partecipanti

Moderatore Lina Maisto - Esperto Gruppo di Assistenza Tecnica FEAMP Regione Campania

 13:30 PM

Chiusura lavori

 14:00 PM

Cooperation between Italy and Oman for the development of the fish industry

 14:00 PM

Moderator Alessandro Garbellini – Head of the Commercial Office - Embassy of Italy in Muscat

 14:10 PM


Federica Favi - Ambassador of Italy to Oman

H.E. Yaqoub bin Khalfan bin Khamis Al Busaidi - Undersecretary for Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources

 14:20 PM

The training project for the fish industry

Giuseppe Palma - General Secretary Assoittica Italia

 14:40 PM

The Fish Sector In Oman

Representative of the Omani Ministry of Agriculture

 15:10 PM

The importance of scientific research for the development of the supply chain

Aniello Anastasio - Veterinary Medicine University of Naples


The management of the supply chain for commercial exchanges

Daniele Pace - Frieden&Partners srl

 15:45 PM


 16:00 PM

16:00 PM

Alessandro Garbellini – Head of the Commercial Office - Embassy of Italy in Muscat

 16:00 PM

The large pelagics and the limitations of COVID: the bluefin tuna and swordfish supply chains

 16:00 PM

Opening Session

Dr. Luigi Pappalardo – Scientific Coordinator – Oceanis srl Cap.

Paolo Pignalosa – Technical Director – Oceanis srl

 16:10 PM

Opening speech

Rigillo Riccardo - Direttore Generale Pesca ed Acquacoltura Ministero Politiche Agricole, Alimentari e Forestali

 16:20 PM

Silva Jean Pierre - Direttore Generale - Cofrepeche s.a.

 16:30 PM

Hasan Algafari - Head Delegate - Libya

 16:40 PM

The Bluefin tuna Stock Assessment

Dr. John F. Walter III - Deputy Director for Science and Council Services – NOAA - Fisheries Southeast Fisheries Science Centre

 16:50 PM

The CPC Observer Program – The importance of national observers in the fishery chain

Dr. Ornella Coco - Scientific Consultant – Oceanis srl

 17:20 PM

Large Pelagic Species trade – Progress and International trade networks

Pesca Pronta - Luigi Amoruso

 17:30 PM

Importance of international cooperation: Scientific Activities on Large Pelagic Species

Dr. Luigi Pappalardo

 17:45 PM

The evolution and improvement of the CPC Observer Program.

The evolution and improvement of the CPC Observer Program.

 18:00 PM

Closing Session

Giuseppe Palma - Assoittica Italia

10:00 AM

The impact of COVID-19 on the fishing industry in the world

10:00 AM

Chair: Audun Lem - Deputy Director, Fisheries Division FAO

10.10 AM


Riccardo Rigillo - Director General - Directorate General for Maritime Fisheries and Aquaculture - Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry

10:20 AM

The situation on the eastern side.

Aubrey Harris - Main Resident Expert - Technical Assistance Project for the Implementation and Coordination of the IORA Action Plan in fisheries, aquaculture and the marine environment

Emily Ogier - Fisheries Social Science Research Fellow at the University of Tasmania, Australia

10:40 AM

The situation on the Western side.

David Mcclellan - Regional Representative - Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

10:50 AM

The situation in Europe EUROFISH

Marco Frederiksen - Acting Director - Eurofish International Organisation

11:00 AM

The impact of the COVID on the management of rejections at the border of fish products.

Giulia Loi - Food Safety Advisor - Fisheries Division - FAO.

11:20 AM

Round Table.

Giuseppe Palma – General Secretary - Assoittica Italia.

Rosa Federica Grassi - fishing industry operator Italy.

Selwyn Edmond - General Manager – Agency Operations

12:00 PM

Closing Remarks

Maria Luisa Cortesi - President Assoittica Italia

12:00 PM

The importance of establishing a network between academia and industry

12:00 PM

Opening session

Introductory speeches by European Commission

Giuseppe Palma – Secretary General of ASSOITTICA ITALIA, Lead partner of BAPSI Project

12.15 PM

BAPSI Project presented by the partners

Moderator: Michele Colavito – Project manager


BAPSI Project presented by the partners

Moderator: Michele Colavito – Project manager


Giorgio Smaldone


Rosa Lombardi


Maurizio Notarfonso


Antonio Marques


Narcisa Bandarra


Yobana Bermudez


Rosa Chapela Pérez


Gabriele Sacchettini

13:30 PM


14:00 PM


14:00 PM

The WestMED answer to the challenge of innovative and sustainable aquaculture

14:00 PM

Opening of the room

ASSOITTICA welcome greetings

Giuseppe Palma - Secretary-General

14:05 PM

WestMED Initiative presentation

Frédérick Herpers - (WMAM CT – FH)

14:15 PM

Aquaculture in the Mediterranean Sea GFCM

Housam Hamza - Aqualculture officer Fao/GFCM

14:25 PM

State of play of aquaculture in the Westmed southern countries

Milla Toufik, researcher - Algeria (CNRDPA)

Mohammed Azaza - Tunisia (INSTM)

Jahid Asmaa – Morocco (ANDA)



Moderator: Samir Bachouche - WMAM National Hub Algeria


Presentation of the WestMED dedicated Technical Group AquaWest and its roadmap

Samir Bachouce - (WMAM National Hub algeria)

15:10 PM

Illustration of cooperation - Presentation of BlueFasma

Yorgos Stephanedes - BlueFasma coordinator

15:20 PM

Presentation of the Consorzio Gargano Pesca

Michela Cariglia - General Manager

15:30 PM


Samir Bachouche - (WMAM National Hub Algeria)

15:30 PM

La Circular economy nella filiera ittica nazionale proiettata in ambito internazionale

15:30 PM

Stefano Visone - Direttore Commerciale Agribusiness - Banca Intesa Sanpaolo

Circular economy

15:40 PM

M. Tellini - Centro Studi Banca Intesa Sanpaolo

16:10 PM

Analisi di scenario Centro Studi Banca Intesa Sanpaolo

16:20 PM

Le richieste del comparto ittico Rosa

Federica Grassi - Consigliere Assoittica Italia

16:40 PM

Question & Answer


Chiusura Lavori

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